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Recently Arrived NEW Products from Performance World!

May 2021
* O2 Sensor Modifier Arrived May 11th!

April 2021
* Wheel Spacers for Late Ford Mustang and Late Dodge Car Applications Arrived April 27th!
Aluminum HD Intercooler Clamp System Arrived April 1st!
Zinc Steel AN Fuel Pump and Power Steering Fittings Arrived April 1st!
Stat-O-Seal Sealing Washers Arrived April 1st!

March 2021

SB Ford 289-351W Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters Arrived March12th!
Custom Polyurethane Radiator Isolating Mounts Arrived March 11th!
* Electric Fan Installation Mount Strap Kit Arrived March 8th!
GM Delcotron 10SI & 12SI Wiring Pigtails Arrived March 4th!
* Drive by Wire LS Engine Swap Wiring Harnesses Arrived March 4th!
1963-1970 Chevrolet C10 2WD 5-Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kits Arrived March 3rd!
1970-1981 Chevrolet Camaro/Firebird Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits Arrived March 3rd!

February 2021
* New Sizes of Sanitary Stainless Bends Arrived February 5th!
* PW Turbo GT3076R Billet Wheel Ball Bearing Turbochargers Arrived February 5th!
* LS Hydraulic Roller Lifters Arrived February 3rd!

January 2021
* PW Turbo S366 & S369 Billet Wheel Turbochargers Arrived January 26th!
Fabricated Aluminum 1x4 and 2x4 Carbureted Tunnel Rams for SBC and SBF - Limited Quantities Arrived January 19th!
SFI 29.2 Billet 1-Piece Extreme Duty High Horsepower Chevrolet Flexplates Arrived January 11th!
LS Header & Exhaust Manifold Bolts Arrived January 6th!

December 2020

* Metric Aluminum Crush Washers Arrived December 24th!
SAE Threaded Aluminum and Steel Weld Bungs Arrived December 24th!
Custom 2-Bolt Exhaust Flanges & Gaskets Arrived December 14th!
* LS IAC/TPS Bolt Kit Arrived December 10th!
Oil Restrictor for GT35 Ball Bearing Turbochargers Arrived December 7th!

November 2020

* Rapid-Fire Chevrolet LS Truck Ignition Coil Set Arrived November 30th!
Chassis Weld-on Tabs and Mounting Brackets Arrived November 16th!
Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Hangers Arrived November 16th!
* PW Turbo S492 92mm T6 Turbocharger Arrived November 13th!

October 2020

* T4 to 3" V-Band Cast Stainless Steel Elbow Mounts Arrived October 26th!
Twin Turbo Intercoolers (Dual Inlet - Single Outlet) Arrived October 6th!
SFI 29.1 LS Heavy Duty Flexplate to fit most Early & Late GM Transmissions Arrived October 6th!
* More Forged Crankshaft Applications Arrived October 1st!

September 2020
* QuietMat Mat Roller Arrived September 30th!
New QuietMat Sound Deadener Kit Size (20 sq/ft) Arrived September 30th!
* More Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp Sizes Arriv September 29th!
PW9 9" Ford 1350 U-Joint Straps Arrived September 24th!
Rapid-Fire CD/Electronic Cannister Style Ignition Coils Arrived September 23rd!
* Cannister Style Ignition Coil Brackets Arrived September 23rd!
* BB Chevrolet Oval Port PW Heads with 120cc Combustion Chambers - Bare or Assembled Arrived September 14th!
SB Chevrolet Self-Aligning Stainless Steel Roller Rockers Arrived September 4th!
SB Chevrolet "AirFlow" Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold Arrived September 4th!

August 2020
* 8AN EFI Fuel Line Adapters Arrived August 27th!
* 100PSI One Way Check Valves (-6AN and -8AN) Arrived August 5th!
Steering Column Installation Mounts and Swivels Arrived August 17th!

July 2020
* BB Chevrolet Dual Plane Oval Port Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold Arrived July 21st!
EV6 USCAR Harness to Multec (Early LS Truck) Fuel Injector Adaptors Arrived July 16th!

June 2020
* Hydraulic Roller Lifters for SB & BB Chevrolet and SB Ford Arrived June 22nd!
PW9 9" Ford Billet Yoke Arrived June 8th!
LS and Ford Ignition Coils in Sets of 8 Arrived June 3rd!

May 2020
* Reinforced Silicone Vacuum Lines for High Boost Applications Arrived May 27th!
SB Mopar Assembled PW Heads with Beehive Springs for Hydraulic and Hydraulic Roller Applications Arrived May 27th!
Red ProRaceSeat2 Fixed Back Racing Seat Arrived May 22nd!
FlowEFI 102mm Drive by Wire Throttle Bodies in Black or Silver Arrived May 21st!
Toyota 1.25" 6x5.5" Hub/Wheel Centric Wheel Adapters Arrived May 14th!
* PW "BOOST" 7875 Turbochargers (Cast Wheel) with .81 A/R Housings Arrived May 8th!
PVTOOL - PV2 & PV4 Brake Proportioning Valve Bleeder and Reset Tool Arrived May 6th!

April 2020
* XP Series 2024 Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms Arrived April 29th!
* LS Swap Engine Oil Pans Arrived April 29th!
PW Pro-Series 8mm Full CNC SB Chevrolet 65210R Heads Arrived April 20th!
* PW Pro-Series 8mm Full CNC SB Ford 58185R & 58205R Heads Arrived April 20th!

March 2020
* Camoflauge SFI 16.1 5-Point Camlock Harnesses Arrived March 20th!
SFI 3.2A/1 and 3.2A/5 Approved Racing Apparel Arrived March 20th!
* SFI 27.1 Window Nets Arrived March 20th!
* Body Emblems and Badges for GM, Ford & Dodge Cars and Trucks Arrived March 16th!
Universal E-Brake Cables Arrived March 3rd!

February 2020
* Automotive Wiring Connector Pin Extraction Tool Set Arrived February 13th!
Aluminum Fuel Cells Arrived February 12th!
RapidFire Ceramic Boot Universal 8MM Ignition Wire Sets Arrived February 6th!
Stainless Steel T6 Turbocharger Inlet Gaskets Arrived February 3rd!

January 2020
* PW "BOOST" 7875 Turbochargers (Billet Wheel) with .81 A/R Housings Arrived January 20th!
PW "BOOST" 7875 Billet Wheel Ball Bearing Turbochargers Arrived January 20th!
* Optional 0.81 A/R Turbine Housing for 7875 Turbochargers Arrived January 20th!
* New Stainless Steel V-Band Sizes (1.50", 1.75", 2.375" and 2.75") Arrived January 7th!