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Want to know what's next? The next big thing? Here is a list of what's coming and when!

June 2020

* PW9 9" Ford Billet Yoke

July 2020

* SFI 29.2 Billet 1-Piece Extreme Duty High Horsepower Chevrolet Flexplate
SFI 29.1 LS Heavy Duty Flexplate to fit most Early & Late GM Transmissions
* SB Chevrolet "AirFlow" Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold
* SB Chevrolet Vortec "AirFlow" Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold
* BB Chevrolet Dual Plane Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold
* LS Swap Engine Wiring Harness for Drive By Wire Applications
Steering Column Installation Mounts and Swivels
* BB Chevrolet Oval Port PW Heads with 118cc Combustion Chambers - Bare or Assembled

August 2020
Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers for LS Chevrolet
Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers for Ford 429/460
Hydraulic Roller Lifters for SB & BB Chevrolet and SB Ford

September 2020
* Twin Turbo Intercoolers (Dual Inlet - Single Outlet)
More Forged Crankshaft Applications