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Want to know what's next? The next big thing? Here is a list of what's coming and when!

March 2021
* Hellcat Plus 535LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump (985HP+)
* Electric Fan Installation Mount Strap Kit
SB Ford 289-351W Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters

April 2021
High Temp Sender for 3102 Fan Controller 200F-on 185F-off
Wheel Spacers for Late Ford Mustang and Late Dodge Car Applications
* Billet Aluminum Timing Pointers
* Oil Filter Cutter
* 2000-Series PTFE Hose Assembly Tool
Adjustable Column Shifter Linkage
Electric Water Pump Inlet Fittings (Size Options)
* O2 Sensor Modifier
* Zinc Steel AN Fuel Pump and Power Steering Fittings
Stat-O-Seal Sealing Washers
* Aluminum HD Intercooler Clamp System
* Custom Urethane Radiator Mounts

Coming 2021

Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers for LS Chevrolet
Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers for Ford 429/460
LS Stainless Steel Single Turbo Headers