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Want to know what's next? The next big thing? Here is a list of what's coming and when!

July 2019
* Steel AN fittings (more sizes and applications)
* 4340 Forged Steel Stroker Crankshafts
* LS3 255cc PW Heads
- Available "As Cast" and Full CNC

August 2019

* HD SFI LS Conversion Flexplates
* Billet Steel SFI LS Flexplates
* 475/480/488 PW "BOOST" Turbochargers
* PW "BOOST" 38mm and 45mm Wastegates

September 2019
* 21-4N 5.45" Long Stainless Steel Valves for PW LS Heads
* Stainless Steel Valves for BB Chevrolet PW Heads
* SuperStreet2 Racing Seats


* Electric Water Pumps
* Bolt-on LS3 1.70 Ratio Stainless Steel Rocker Arms for use with OE Stands