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Want to know what's next? The next big thing? Here is a list of what's coming and when!

April 2020

* XP Series 2024 Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
* PW Pro-Series 8mm Full CNC SB Chevrolet 65210R Heads
* PW Pro-Series 8mm Full CNC SB Ford 58185R & 58205R Heads

May 2020

* PW "BOOST" 7875 Turbochargers (Cast Wheel) with .81 A/R Housings
* Reinforced Silicone Vacuum Lines for High Boost Applications
* Toyota 1.25" 6x5.5" Hub/Wheel Centric Wheel Adapters

June 2020

* PW9 9" Ford Billet Yoke
* SFI 29.2 Billet 1-Piece Extreme Duty High Horsepower Chevrolet Flexplate
* SFI 29.1 LS Heavy Duty Flexplate to fit most Early & Late GM Transmissions

LS Swap Engine Oil Pans
Red ProRaceSeat2 Fixed Back Racing Seat


* SB Chevrolet "AirFlow" Carbureted Aluminum Intake Manifold