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August 24th 2018 -

  • Price reductions on PW Covers! Recent volume buys have allowed us to offer you an even BETTER price than before on both our 5-Layer Outdoor and Satin Fleece-Lined Indoor covers! Check them out HERE
  • Several items have been added to our Clearance section. Some are overstock, discontinued or obsolete items, but ALL are brand new and a GREAT Deal! Snap them up quick! Click HERE

February 27th 2019 -

  • New specifications released for the PW Heads 90290 and 90315 BB Chevrolet heads. Check under each respective part.

Recently Arrived NEW Products from Performance World!

* PW Turbo Ball Bearing/Billet Wheel GT35 Turbocharger Arrived March 6th!
More Applications of Braided AN Carburetor Fuel Lines Arrived March 5th!

* 304 Stainless Steel SB Chevrolet "Up and Forward" Turbo Headers Arrived February 28th!
Black Slim Electric Fans Arrived February 28th!
* Intercoolers Arrived February 28th!
304 Stainless Steel Chevrolet LS "Up and Forward" Turbo Headers Arrived February 22nd!
Quick Change Ratcheting Crimper Kit Arrived February 13th!
Valve Seal Installation Tools Arrived February 12th!

* PW Turbo Billet Wheel 7875 Turbocharger Arrived January 25th!

* Billet Aluminum Hood and Trunk Hinges Arrived December 21st!
Assembled SB Chevrolet PRO Series PW Heads Arrived December 21st!

* Performashield Thermal Adhesive Tape Arrived November 23rd!
Remote Electric Exhaust Cutout Kits Arrived November 14th!

* PRO Series PW Heads for SB Chevrolet & SB Ford Arrived October 23rd!
PRO Series 8mm Valves to fit SB Chevrolet & SB Ford Heads Arrived October 23rd!
SFI 16.1 5-Point Camlock Harnesses - 6 Colors Arrived October 16th!
4L60E/4L80E -6AN Transmission Fitting Set Arrived October 16th!
PW9 Ford 9" Differential Components Arrived October 12th!
* LS Flexplate Crankshaft Pilot Extension for PG, TH350 & TH400 Arrived October 5th!
LS Oil Pressure Sender Adaptor M16x1.5 to 1/8"NPT Arrived October 1st!

August 2018
* Assembled PW Heads for BB Chevrolet Arrived August 30th!
Assembled PW Heads for BB Mopar Arrived August 30th!
Deutsch Connector Kits Arrived August 28th!

July 2018
* 21 Circuit Universal & LS Swap Wiring Harnesses Arrived July 20th!
LS 92mm & 102mm Silicone Throttle Body Couplers Arrived July 16th!
FLOW-EFI Silver LS Intake Manifolds & Throttle Bodies Arrived July 16th!
* FLOW-EFI Fuel Surge Tanks Arrived July 5th!
Pro-CD HP Ignition Coil Arrived July 5th!
Billet Throttle Bracket to Fit Holley 4500 Series Carburetors Arrived July 3rd!

June 2018
* 2018 Performance World Master Catalog Arrived June 8th!
Air/Oil Separators - Single or Dual Style Arrived June 8th!

May 2018
* PWBoost T3/T60 Turbocharger Arrived May 15th!
* PWBoost 7875 Turbocharger Arrived May 15th!
SB Ford Stainless Steel Roller Rockers 1.60-7/16" Stud Arrived May 15th!
Melonized Distributor Gears for GM & Ford Applications Arrived May 2nd!

April 2018
* BB Chevrolet PRO Series 360cc PW Heads Arrived April 10th!
LS1 225cc Cathedral Port PW Heads Arrived April 4th!

March 2018

* FLOW EFI Fabricated Intake Manifolds Arrived March 22nd!
* FLOW EFI Billet Throttle Bodies Arrived March 22nd!

50MM Turbocharger Blow-Off Valve Arrived March 14th!
* 6000LM High Power LED Headlight Kits Arrived March 14th!

February 2018
* PWTurbo Performance Turbochargers Arrived February 26th!
-10AN PTFE Hose and Fittings Arrived February 9th!
Black Coated Water Pumps Arrived February 6th!
* Assembled PW Heads for Hydraulic Roller Applications (SB Chevrolet and SB Ford) Arrived February 5th!

January 2018

* GT45 V-Band Discharge Assemblies Arrived January 19th!
Turbocharger Oil Feed Restrictor Arrived January 17th!
Coyote Ford Valve Cover Breather to -10AN Fittings Arrived January 16th!
Turbocharger Heat Blankets Arrived January 16th!
SuperBall Polished Universal Aluminum Shift Knob Arrived January 12th!
* New Applications of Exhaust Headers Arrived January 3rd!